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Beloit Senior Living Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own furnishings for my apartment?

Absolutely! Residents are encouraged to furnish and decorate their apartments with all the personal touches that make it home. back to top

How do I decide on the care and services that are best for me or my loved one?

Senior lifestyle and care options vary widely, and the choices can be overwhelming. It's important to do your homework and understand the options available in the area where you live. Please check out our Resources page. It may help you in your search for a perfect fit for you or your loved one. back to top

Can I bring my pet to BSL?

We love to have pets come and visit but pets are not able to be permanent residents. Pets that visit are asked to be on a leash or in a cage while in common areas, have updated immunizations, person-friendly, but pets are never allowed in the dining rooms. back to top

Can a resident continue to live at BSL when they need additional services and care?

You should carefully question any assisted living provider that tells you a resident can live at the community forever, even if their health care needs increase. BSL is a RCAC which has state regulations that limits the hours of service that can be provided to each resident. If a resident requires more than the hours of services we can provide, we welcome outside providers (home health agencies, hospice) to provide the extra care needed. The extra outside providers would be an additional cost to the resident. BSL will help the resident and family find and set up these services to alleviate some of the stress of this process. If a resident develops needs that require services beyond those allowed by state regulations, we will assist the resident and family in finding the best alternative setting to address the resident's needs. If a resident develops a dementia or suffers from a severe memory loss condition, they could be transferred to a Memory Care facility. back to top

Is assisted living truly like living at home?

At BSL, our goal is to provide a facility that has all the comforts of home and just the right amount of help if it's needed. Residents enjoy our thoughtfully designed apartments, exceptional dining programs, individualized services and lively activities that are tailored to their interests and abilities. Residents are encouraged to furnish and decorate their apartments with all the personal touches that make it a home. We listen carefully to resident preferences to understand the needs and desires of residents and their families, with the purpose of providing the ideal level of assistance and care. BSL encourages interaction and social activities among residents while working individually with residents to promote independence. back to top

What are visiting hours at BSL?

There are no set visiting hours. It's just like living at home. You and your guests are free to come and go as you please. Quiet Hours are from 8pm to 8am. back to top

I need someone to take care of a loved one while I am unavailable. Does BSL offer this service?

BSL offers a short-term stay program. Short-term stay customers enjoy the same amenities, dining programs and customer service as residents. Our short-term stay program is a thoughtful solution when a caregiver is on vacation or needs a temporary break, a loved one requires a little extra attention following a medical procedure, or a caregiver is ill and unable to provide daily assistance. The short-term stay program also is a nice way to experience the lifestyle at BSL. back to top

How does BSL set monthly fees?

Monthly fees vary with the size of room and services selected by the resident. Please reference our rates listed on the Rent page. If you have any questions please call. back to top

Are there assigned seats in the dining room?

Seats are not assigned. Some residents choose to sit at the same table or with the same friends at dinner. back to top

Can I entertain guests?

Absolutely! Residents are welcome to invite friends and family to dine with them. An additional charge will apply, and BSL does request advance reservations. You are not restricted to only your apartment, there are several common areas that are available if you need extra room to visit with your family. We also have a private dining room and parlor that is available to reserve for a party or get together. back to top

Are there private mailboxes?

Yes there is. Each apartment has their own mailbox that is locked and the resident is the only person with access to the mailbox. The mailboxes are located inside of the building for easy access. There are places for the residents to put their outgoing mail. Any packages being delivered will be delivered to the apartment door. If the resident is not home during the time the package is delivered it will be kept at the front desk for safe keeping. back to top

Can I smoke in my apartment?

There is no smoking in the building or on the grounds. BSL is a smoke free campus to encourage a healthy environment for all residents, staff and visitors. back to top

Can I bring my car?

Yes you can. We have a parking lot that you can park your car in and there are also handicap parking stalls available. There are not any garages available at this time. back to top

Does BSL provide transportation services?

BSL will provide transportation to medical appointments or for errands for an additional cost that is based per hour. We also can set up transportation through the resident's health insurance for medical appointments. We encourage family to participate in transportation as much as possible. There is a great benefit to have a family member attend medical appointments so that the family has an active role in the resident's health and medical care. back to top

What if I don't like what's on the menu?

BSL always has an alternative menu item if you do not like the entree for that meal. Just let the staff on duty know that you would like something else and we will take care of that for you. We also can cater to some special diets so please inform us during the initial assessment if you have a special diet. back to top

Can I bring my electric Scooter?

The care staff are happy to assist you in a wheelchair for long distances instead of an electric scooter. Unfortunately, electric scooters are not allowed due to the significant damage they can cause. back to top

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