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Personal Care Services

Beloit Senior Living Services
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Available Services

Beloit Senior Living provides a range of supportive nursing and personal care assistance when needed. Within our services, we promote dignity and independence. Each resident can choose from the services we offer and amenities provided on an as-needed basis to build a personal care plan that goes above and beyond the services included in our standard care monthly rent. Some of the services we offer include:

  • PERSONAL CARE SERVICES OR ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING: Assistance with showering, dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, transferring and toileting.
  • NURSING SERVICES: Medication management, diabetic monitoring, health assessment/monitoring or skin care. The staff is able to offer some nursing assistant services under the supervision of our nurse and we also have relationships with outside service providers to perform more higher level nursing care where required.
  • SUPPORTIVE SERVICES: Escorting to/from meals and activities, arranging transportation or appointments and assistance with personal laundry.
  • UNSCHEDULED CARE SERVICES: Services in which the timing is unpredictable but is not necessarily an emergency situation. This includes things such as incontinent care or extra assistance when ill.

Respite Services

Temporary conditions or situations sometimes call for respite care services, i.e. support during illness, surgery recovery, injury, etc. Other times a care-taking family member may need a break or have another obligation from the day to day commitment. Beloit Senior Living will always do our best to provide the support and care services we are able to during these times of need.

We can provide temporary placement options for respite care residents. These services will be offered at a daily rate of service. The daily rate will include meals, housekeeping, activities, etc. The provided apartment is fully furnished and we offer up to 28 hours of personalized care each week.

Incontinence Support for our Assisted Living Residents

We offer the option of quality incontinence products at a bulk rate for delivery to our residents. These can be stored in your apartment and re-ordered when necessary by the staff. Beloit Senior Living can assist residents with incontinence as needed or on a scheduled basis. This assistance includes product use, proper cleaning after an accident and disposal. Lack of proper hygiene after and incontinence accident can lead to serious health problems such as urinary infections, skin issues, open sores and more. Our goal is to avoid this from happening.

Outside Services offered by Beloit Senior Living

Beloit Senior Living works with several companies and agencies to help connect residents and families with services for convenience and support.

  • PHYSICAL, OCCUPATIONAL AND SPEECH THERAPIES: These services are offered in the comfort of our resident’s own apartments. Therapy can be provided as often as prescribed by the doctor and often most services are covered within a Medicare plan or Insurance coverage.
  • HOME HEALTH: This is a service that can proved higher levels of nursing care. These companies send nurses that come right to our resident’s apartment so they do not have to stay in a hospital. Most of these services are covered by Medicare or Insurance.
  • HOSPICE CARE: Hospice agencies help to provide extra nursing and attention, support and personal care services. These services compliment Beloit Senior Living’s provided services to ensure our residents are able to stay comfortably at Beloit Senior Living. Most of these services are covered by Medicare.
  • INCONTINENCE SUPPLIES: Beloit Senior Living offers the opportunity to order and inventory incontinence supplies at a bulk rate for residents and store them within the apartment.
  • LABORATORY SERVICES: A lab service will come right to the resident’s apartment and will perform blood draws. The company will also come to the facility to collect samples for testing. Instead of having to go to the lab, the lab comes right to you.
  • PODIATRY: A podiatrist comes right to Beloit Senior Living regularly and can provide your feet/toe nail care right in the convenience of the salon. The service is billed through your insurance.

Beloit Senior Living will complete a full assessment upon each resident’s admission to assess service needs and wants. We will only provide the services deemed necessary by the resident and resident’s family. Our goal is to promote independence and allow each of our residents to flourish and live a continuously healthy lifestyle.

Beloit Senior Living Dining Services

The beautiful dining room at Beloit Senior Living is great for socializing and enjoying home cooked meals. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner every day served restaurant style. Our staff carefully plans out the menu to accommodate special dietary needs and provide healthful and mindful diets. There is an alternative menu option to accommodate personal meal preferences as well. Family and friends are encouraged to join our residents for meal time and visit. Please give us a 24 hour notice so we can plan ahead to have a plate for you as well! Delicious meals, smiles and friendly laughter is what our dining room is all about.

Independent Living

Our independent living option is integrated right into our assisted living community, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of our community, such as 3 prepared meals every day and all our onsite activities, while living independently. Should you need assisted living in the future, you don't have to move to a new apartment. Please call for more details.

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BSL Dining Area Dining Room Bar

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